Centaine puppies don’t come along that often, so when we do have a litter, we take great care to ensure the health and temperaments of the puppies is 100%.


We go to great lengths to expose puppies to the various noises and real-world situations so they become confident and well socialised even before they leave.

Our puppies are fed on premium food, wormed from two weeks of age, vaccinated and microchipped.  


Companion puppies are registered with Dogs NSW, as “Limited Register” which means they cannot be bred with or compete in conformation shows. They leave here after they reach eight weeks of age with a Puppy Pack, Feed Guidelines, notes on general health care and training, Vaccination Certificate and Microchip paperwork.

We do our best to determine that a German Shorthaired Pointer is the right breed for you. to ensure our puppies are placed in suitable homes.

If interests, please return to this page from time to time for news of future litters and feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the breed.


Centaine, German Shorthaired Pointers.