About Us

My husband, Wayne and I live in the North Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. We have one son; Michael, who has an intellectual disability,… and a couple GSPs of course!

This is not so much a web site about "Centaine", but more about the wonderful dogs I have loved and enjoyed for well over 40 years and a tribute to those bred by others as well.

I purchased my first German Shorthaired Pointer, “Kazia Nymrod” in 1978 which was bred by Lynn and Carolyn Butler. From that point, I was totally besotted with this wonderful and versatile breed. I cannot imagine my life without them.

I have bred and shown several Champions, with some achieving Obedience Titles. More, I am a Life Member of The German Shorthaired Pointer Society NSW Inc. and have held committee positions on several All Breed and Training Clubs.


My working career is Graphic Design and Illustration, some examples of which I have showcased on this site.

I hope you enjoy a little insight into our life and I trust I can share with you some wonderful memories.


Centaine, German Shorthaired Pointers.